Donnie Bell is a composer of diverse means. Known for infusing multiple genres of music within a single composition, this Dallas-based artist takes the listener on an aural journey not only across the planet, but throughout time as well.

Bell has been interviewed by RENEby and 90.1 FM KUPS 'The Sound'. His music has been reviewed by Mediocrity Is The New Genius and his homemade instruments were highlighted on Trashthetic's Trash Talk Tuesday. Bell has also been featured on 96.9 FM WOUR, Northwest Public Radio, Pierce TV, and the Rome Sentinel as well.

Random Thought

How are rental properties, insurance companies, cable companies, and other such businesses able to continue offering new customers with a lower monthly premium that is considerably lower in contrast to existing customers’, providing that after a year, this monthly premium is then increased by anywhere up to 25%?

I will admit that I unfortunately missed out on Business Ethics 101 in school, namely due to the nature of its seemingly oxymoronic title. Nonetheless, it may very well be in a business’s best interest to strive to maintain its loyal customers, as raising a customer’s premium whom of which has for the past year made payments in a timely manner seems counterintuitive.

Perhaps the new customer could be placed on a probationary premium which is higher and then reward—not punish—this customer by dispensing a discount for remaining loyal. I would be willing to wager that the long term profit would likely match the business’s current profit while simultaneously producing a loyal customer founded not on servicing reactive empathetic gestures but on a system of proactive pecuniary rewards.

Q: Heard you were coming out with some new music! What’s next for Donnie Bell?

A: It’s been over a year since I’ve released any material. So, a lot of music coming out this summer. Some of which includes a solo work for snare drum, two programmatic works (one of which is a multi-movement concept), a music video, another performance video, and hopefully by the end of the year the long awaited sequel to ‘Chronicles’. By
Donnie Bell, ReverbNation